Welcome to the British Sugarcraft Guild Region 6 website. We are the south west region and have 12 branches in our area. You will find details of these under branches.

There are two ways of being a BSG member that is as a branch member or as an individual member and we would like contributions from all members to these pages. Your regional representatives are here to help, please feel free to contact them. We would love to talk to anyone who would like to open a branch in their area.

As we are launching this new website, we have tried to encompassed all the elements. Please help us build and improve on this starting point by sharing your photographs and events to create further interest.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact either:

Megan: chair@bsgregion6.com

Ursula: secretary@bsgregion6.com

Ann: treasurer@bsgregion6.com

Or fill out the contact us form.

If there is something you wish to see on the website, please contact Sophie on webmaster@bsgregion6.com

**Please note if you do not have a email application like Outlook then the links to the emails will not work. Please copy and paste in an email.

UPDATED: 05/06/2016