Telford International Show 2016

Our Tombola Table

telford bsg and svr 003

On behalf of Region 6 who ran the tombola stall at BSG Telford International Show, I would like to thank all the branches for their generous cash donations, gift cards and new Sugarcraft items of the stall. Without your help the stall would not have been the success it was.

I also thank Paul Bradford and Cassie Brown for their superb prize donations which were 2 of our 4 star prizes. Photographs of the delighted winners attached Alison Fox Sbienati who won the Cassie Brown air brush and Jacqui Kelly the Paul Bradford Pro Online courses. Support from other traders also much appreciated.

All prizes were in some way connected to Sugarcraft even the biscuits! The tombola was very active on Saturday and we had lots of lovely customers who all seemed happy with their prizes. Even our National Chairperson Julie Cotton who won a BSG china mug, by the afternoon we had broken into the Sunday prizes and on Sunday we had sold out completely by 3pm. This was also down to the amazing team of Region 6 volunteers, who spent an hour of their time helping Ann, Sophie and myself over the 2 days, and of course big thanks goes to our lovely customers.

From Ursula Brown, secretary of Region 6

Entries from Region 6

Trowbridge Cignets – Bronze
Ursula Brown
Plym Valley – Bronze
Clare Vaz – Bronze
Clare Vaz – Bronze
telford bsg and svr 069
Kensham & Saltford – Silver
Jan Gale – Gold
Jan Gale – Bronze
Jan Gale – Commended
Trowbridge Cignet – Gold and Trophy