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A workshop with a difference (or the case of the sunburnt rabbits!)

It seemed so simple at the committee meeting….  we needed a venue for our upcoming workshop with Carolyn Harvey making Bride and Groom Rabbits…

We have in the past had the workshop at the same venue as our monthly meetings.  One of our member’s (Vicky) runs a hotel and very kindly supplies a room for us to use.  We all greatly appreciate this, but feel it is a bit unfair that when we have a workshop at the hotel that Vicky can’t relax and enjoy it in the same way the rest of us do.  So we now use a village hall where another of our member’s (Ruth) is on the committee.  Ruth does sterling work to reserve the hall for us.  There is a lovely kitchen and we all bring something along for lunch – think jackets with chilli con carne and accompaniments, and for desert cakes with cream, gallons of tea and coffee, biscuits etc etc!

Unfortunately this time, on the day we needed it, the hall was being used for the local village show. So we hunted around and found another hall at a very reasonable rate, with just enough room for us and a kitchen for teas, coffees etc.  As it was going to be warm (mid July) we opted to bring our own packed lunches.  The hall was booked over the phone and checked – ‘no need to write, it’s all in the book, pick the key up on the day, it’s under the mat’.

The day of the workshop arrived.  Bright and sunny.  Key picked up, hall opened, tables and chairs set out, kettle on. Carolyn has arrived, audience has arrived, everyone starts on their rabbits…….. Demonstration is in full swing when mid morning a lady arrives to check over the hall for her little girl’s birthday party that is booked in for that afternoon!  PANIC STATIONS!

Phoned the booking secretary and got her Mum, as the sec. had gone up to Dartmoor for the day and there is no phone signal.  Mum checks The Book and yes, the children’s party is booked for the afternoon and somehow our booking of Saturday 16th has now become Tuesday 26th!!  MORE PANIC!  There is another hall opposite, but that is also booked for the afternoon with a village meeting.  Booking sec.’s mum arrives and says how about setting up on the bit of grass out the front of the hall as it belongs to the hall.  We don’t really have any other option, so everyone packs up, all the tables and chairs are brought down the flight of stairs to the grassy area, together with Carolyn’s ‘shop’, jugs of juice, glasses, workboxes etc.

We have lunch and start again.  The sun moves round and the shade from the lovely big tree gets smaller and smaller.  Tables and chairs are moved in, the sun moves round inexorably.  It’s a HOT day!  As the afternoon goes on the rabbits start to sag a little as the paste warms up and softens.  Mid afternoon a car pulls up and out jumps Elaine Haynes.  Many of you will know Elaine as former Regional Rep from Hillingdon and District branch.  She is down on holiday, passed by and saw us all out at the front doing sugarcraft.  Of course she knows Carolyn very well, but also knew one of our member’s who used to belong to Hillingdon branch 15 years ago before moving to Torbay.  Hugs all round.  We finally finish our rabbits (they did all look pretty good considering the circumstances!).  Turned out the grassy area we were on doesn’t belong to the hall at all, but one of the houses nearby (hopefully no-one minded!).  Everyone was very understanding, Carolyn was a trooper and hopefully no-one suffered too much with sunburn (did I mention it was HOT), but it will definitely be a workshop to be remembered.  So, don’t forget, ALWAYS GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!

Christmas Cakes 2015

We had an amazing number of 4″ Christmas cakes made by our Torbay branch members this Christmas.  Plus we had some rather splendid 2″ square fruit cakes, each decorated with a santa hat which were wrapped in cellophane.  In all we had 58 cakes.  This year they went to Brixham Does Care for distribution around the area.

Brixham Does Care: “Christmas Hampers We have been very fortunate again to have received funds from a generous benefactor for the purpose of preparing and distributing Hampers to the isolated and lonely within Brixham. Our Older Persons Forum have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks buying the items required and making up the hampers to be delivered, we were able to deliver 25 hampers. Along with the hampers beautifully decorated Christmas cards, made by our Handicraft group were included. We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to all those involved in helping to make Christmas special for others who are less fortunate. We were also delighted to have been given cakes made by the Torbay Branch of the British Sugarcraft Guild. These were exquisitely decorated and we are extremely grateful to have received the cakes, they have also been given to worthy recipients. ”

Sugarcraft Southwest 2015

Torbay were so pleased to get a Gold award, trophy and best in show. After the Exhibition our table was taken to Brixham Library where it was on display for a month, afterwards it went on display in the foyer of The Cavendish Hotel in Torquay for another month.